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Adding an Addon Domain to your cpanel. Dont confuse addon with parked domains, add-ons is just like another account, you have your own site for that addon, controlled by the same cpanel, but a different website then your main site, you even have emails for the add-ons.
Parked domains, there is no website, it points to your main site, to an addon or to another site, ex. affililiate link.


Changing Nameservers, when you join a Hosting Marketers, Inc. hosting company, you receive 4 emails, one of them is the activation email, that is where you will find your login details for your cpanel, you also find a paragraph about nameservers, this is specially relevant if you already have a domain and you want to host your domain on our servers, YOU HAVE TO POINT YOUR DOMAIN TO OUR SERVERS, that is the meaning of nameservers!

The example given is from Godaddy, but most domain registrars are similar, if you have difficulties, dont hesitate to contact Support.


Making a Backup, we recommend that you make a full backup at least once a week, and keep the latest backup on your computer, this tutorial will teach how to make one.

Configuring your Outlook Express to work with your site email.

Why would you need to go to your site, login to cpanel or to webmail and read your emails if you are in the comfort of your home and you have your own computer? Use Outlook to download your emails, to read and to send emails.

Managing Databases with PhpMyAdmin in Cpanel:

Did you ever installed a script? Did it instructed you to make a database? perhaps dump some file (sql) on it? If you ever have to do this, then this tutorial is for you.

Cron Jobs.
Sometimes on your site you use a script on your site which at certain times of the day has to do some thing, perhaps it is a blog and every 2 hours it connects to another site to collect some new content to add to your site, for this you use a cron job, means you tell the server, that at certain time, certain date, whatever to run a file on your site.
Cron jobs use a lot of resources on a server, so we recommend: dont run any file too often, make it at least half an hour periods, otherwise you might have your account suspended....


Uploading files to your web space using a FTP software:

You are going to need a FTP software, search google for a free FTP software download it to your computer and enter the settings, as host use your main domain, username and password will be the same as cpanel login details, you'll find that information on your activation email.

Upload your site to the folder: public_html, this is very important, not to the www or to the public_ftp, BUT TO THE public_html.

Private Nameservers, Registering your own nameservers.

If you have a reseller account and you want to use your own nameservers also called private nameservers, then this tutorial is for you, login to your domain registrar and at least on click on the domain, then on the new page which comes up on the left bottom corner click Add Host.

The tutorial is a bit old, last year goddady change the system slightly, but it will give you a fair idea how to register your own nameservers.

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The best hosting service i have ever use
- by stuart slaney of on 21 Jun 2008:

Hosting Marketers are the most reliable hosting company i have ever used. Their customer support is excellent.
And due to this i now have 4 other sites they host for me.

If only all hosting companies could be like this.

Stuart Slaney

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