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Website Promotion Program

Proven increases in visitors - Proven increases in Sales

To be successful in today's market and to attract the largest number of potential customers, webmasters must compete for a top spot in the search engines. our Research, search engine optimization improvements, and link building, have proven effective in generating more visitors and more sales to merchant sites. Hosting Marketers WebSite Promotion now offers a comprehensive and professional website management program that brings together the tools to increase in an organic way the number of visitors and sales to your website.

1- Research

Competition research includes an analysis of the online marketing efforts of your top competitors. This is done in order to have a better understanding of the online market within your industry.

Product Research. In order to promote your website effectively, it's important for us to learn about your products and services. We research the uses, demand and target market for your products, and, given access to additional information, we also take into consideration the profit margins on various items available on your website.

Keyword Research is essential to finding the perfect balance between choosing top keyphrases that are not too broad or too specific. The keyword research service eliminates the guesswork by taking into consideration the demand, relevance, competition, and ratio of demand-to-competition for a long list of keyphrases relating to your site. This research is used for many aspects of your website promotion program including determining which search terms will return your site in the search results.

2- Search Engine Optimization Improvements

How your website is written, designed and coded can dramatically affect its rankings in the search engine results. Updating your website to meet the current search engine ranking criteria will not only increase the site's relevance for your chosen key phrases, but will also increase its ranking. Higher rankings will help you attract more visitors interested in doing business with you.

All you need to know to beat the search engines - Glenn Murray E-Book [829K]
Most computers will open this document automatically, but you may need Adobe Reader
Download the reader here
Download Zipped E-Book

Suggested changes may include:
  • Optimizing body text
  • Optimizing meta tags and descriptions
  • Optimizing page titles
  • Adding or altering "Alt" tags
  • Adding robots tags
  • Removing redundant code
  • Evaluating and altering images
  • Working around search engine barriers


3- Linking Strategy

Search engines consider links from other sites as "votes" for your site. The more quality sites that link to you, the more your site becomes an important member of your industry. Consequently, getting links from prominent members of the industry is important to give your site the boost it needs in the search engine results.

Hosting Marketers WebSite Promotion does the research and follows through to get these important sites to link to you. We contact non-competing websites and submit to industry associations. We also send out requests to websites that are related to your industry (but do not compete with your site) asking them to link to your site. We carefully select the websites we contact and use real people to speak with real people. No spam, no link farms, no free-for-all link sites. Only quality links from our own blog networks.

We have 3 packages:

  • Starter- 100 blog posts (100 permanent links a month) - $100.00 month (only from our blog network)
  • Pro Webmaster - 200 blog posts (200 permanent links a month) - $170.00 month (some industry related links)
  • DeLuxe Webmaster - 300 blog posts (300 permanent links a month) - $300.00 month ( some industry related links, some links from EDU domains and links from social sites, myspace, etc. Best value for money.)

All packages involve Keyword Research and optimizing your site for them.
The links are permanent, that means even when you stop paying the links will remain.

Contact Our support if interested.

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The best hosting service i have ever use
- by stuart slaney of on 21 Jun 2008:

Hosting Marketers are the most reliable hosting company i have ever used. Their customer support is excellent.
And due to this i now have 4 other sites they host for me.

If only all hosting companies could be like this.

Stuart Slaney

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